Singapore Energy Lecture by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew

Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew gave the Singapore Energy Lecture at the Singapore Energy Conference held last week. The video of the lecture is available at the Energy Market Authority website. MM Lee spoke on the following energy issues:

  • Singapore’s green efforts over the years and the need to maintain the efforts because:

The point is, if we don’t do this, we lose our status as a clean, green city and we’ll lose our business and lose our extra premium for being an unusual city.

  • Major economies such as China and India have to take climate change seriously:

If they get that message within 10, 15 years, then I think there’s hope, all is not lost. If it comes too late, if it comes 30, 40 years we are all in trouble.

  • Nuclear energy is the real alternative although the big problem is where to site the nuclear plant:

The real alternative that can produce the electricity generation to match oil and gas is nuclear.

  • ASEAN countries need to cooperate on energy by having a common power grid and pipelines:

I hope our neighbours also come to the conclusion that we are forced to cooperate. If we understand the complexity and immensity of the problems the world faces, and which we will face in Southeast Asia, then we should have a common grid and a common pipeline so that it’s transferable.

  • Singaporeans are not ready to pay more for renewable energy:

Singaporeans are cost-conscious. They don’t care where the energy comes from, they just want to know which is the cheaper option.

  • The need to lower consumption:

There are limits to what man’s ingenuity can do, so let’s consume less … and live within the limits of what the world can sustain.

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