Presentation on Green Collar Jobs by Van Jones

This is an inspiring and entertaining video presentation by Van Jones about reducing poverty and keeping people out of jails through green collar jobs. Green collar jobs are middle-skill and local jobs such as installing solar panels, retrofitting buildings, repairing hybrid cars, planting trees, and other work that are relevant to the new green economy. Van Jones is the Founder and President of Green For All and the recent author of the book, The Green Collar Economy.

Green collar jobs are something worth developing further in Singapore, since the government is trying to retrain workers and help them stay competitive in today’s ever-changing economy. The Singapore Certified Energy Manager (SCEM) programme is one example of preparing middle-skill workers for green collar jobs. Under the SCEM Associate Level, those with Higher NITEC and Diploma qualifications can apply for training grants to be trained as energy professionals. The training focuses on skill training and practical development in energy auditing works, installations, measurements and instrumentations.

The government can look into other potential green collar jobs and help middle-skill, retrenched or senior workers to retrain and upgrade their “green skills”. This would help them to take advantage of jobs in the new green economy.

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