Green Tips

Use Your Air-Conditioner and Refrigerator Wisely

A typical Singapore household spends about 50% of its electricity bills on the air-conditioner and refrigerator. If you want to reduce energy at home and save money, the best way is to use your air-conditioner and refrigerator wisely. You can choose to do one or more of the following: Air-Conditioner…

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Choose Products with Less Packaging

Some products come with unnecessary plastic or paper packaging for aesthetic and advertising purposes, and the packaging usually end up as waste. As consumers, you can try to choose products with less or no packaging. As more companies compete to advertise and promote their brands, they use all forms of…

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Buy and Use Only What You Need

In modern society, overconsumption and wastage of resources seem to be a norm. We buy more than what is necessary, use and waste more material, water and electricity than needed, and throw away more waste. We tend to change our material belongings constantly to suit the current fashion and trend,…

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