We guide companies and organisations along their sustainability journey.
We can help you on Strategy and Operations, Research and Content, and Education and Training.


Services - Strategy and Operations
We help you plan and integrate sustainability into your business, and find ways
to manage and reduce your environmental impact and operational costs.
In other words, we help you run a better, efficient and responsible business.

How We Help

Environmental Management

We'll conduct an environmental audit and help you identify and reduce your company's environmental impact. We can also guide you in developing and implementing the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.


If you wish to green your office, we can help you to plan and implement environmental practices in your workplace, and qualify for the Eco-Office Label awarded by the Singapore Environment Council.

Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability is an imperative and businesses have to take action now. If your company is not sure what to do, we can help you conduct a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis and develop a sustainability strategy.

Featured Client Work

Environmental Audit for Fashion and Beauty Brand

Fashion and Beauty Industry

Our client is a global fashion and beauty brand with products ranging from clothing, bags, accessories and cosmetics.

The company was interested to be a more sustainable business but was not sure how to go about implementing it in the offices and warehouse. They wanted to understand their environmental impacts and their performance in the industry and in Singapore.

Our Work

We conducted an environmental audit of the company's offices and warehouse at various locations, including understanding their energy consumption, carbon emissions, water consumption, waste generated and recycled, materials usage and indoor air quality.

Based on the audit results, we pointed out their strengths and weaknesses, and recommended activities and programmes to improve their sustainability performance.

Recycling Programme and Eco Office

Food and Health Industry

Our client is a leading food and health supplements company in the Asia Pacific region with various household brands.

The company was concerned about the waste generated in the offices and laboratories, and wanted to start a recycling programme. They were also interested in the Eco-Office Label certification by the Singapore Environment Council.

Our Work

We conducted an audit of the waste generated by the company. Next, we implemented a waste recycling programme, which included recycling bins placed at strategic locations and employee education.

In addition, we conducted a preliminary check to assess whether the company would meet the Eco-Office Label certification, and advised them on the implementation of suitable environmental practices.


Services - Research and Content
We help you analyse sustainability trends and gain insights, and
develop content to share your green thinking and initiatives with others.
In other words, we help your business stay relevant and ahead of your competitors.

How We Help

Sustainability Research

If your organisation is interested to find out more about sustainability trends, green products and services, or customer preferences, we can help you to conduct research and provide advice and insights.

Green Content Development

We'll develop relevant content for your reports, publications or websites so that your business can share your green thinking, ideas and initiatives with your customers and stakeholders.

Social Media Management

We help you use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to engage with your customers and stakeholders, and share about your green business, products and services. We'll develop a social media strategy and help you manage your social media channels.

Featured Client Work

Singapore Furniture Industries Council - SFIC Green Guide


Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) is the official representative body of Singapore's furniture industry, and currently represents 95% of established furniture manufacturers in Singapore.

SFIC understands the growing importance of sustainability for the furniture industry and wanted to publish a green guide to help its members take the lead in this green journey.

Our Work

We interviewed furniture companies in Singapore, and conducted research on the various green labels and certifications for furniture.

Next, we developed the SFIC Green Guide, which introduces the green labels and certifications for products and companies, government assistance, green trends and opportunities for the industry, and sustainable business practices and tips.

Singex Exhibition Ventures - Social Media Marketing for WasteMET Asia 2012

Singex Exhibition Ventures Pte Ltd

Singex Exhibition Ventures Pte Ltd provides professional conference and exhibition organising and management services.

WasteMET Asia is a waste management and environmental technology exhibition and conference, organised by the Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore and National Environment Agency. Singex manages WasteMET Asia and wanted to use social media for marketing the event.

Our Work

Together with Singex, we developed a social media marketing strategy to market WasteMET Asia and engage with stakeholders and share about the exhibition and conference.

We managed the social media channels for WasteMET Asia, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, and posted regular updates and information.


Services - Education and Training
We help you to educate and train your employees on sustainability issues and green practices,
and share environmental information with your customers and stakeholders.
In other words, we help you educate others on sustainability.

How We Help

Environmental Talks

If you're looking for a speaker to share about environmental topics, we can speak on green ideas, environmental issues, and sustainable practices. Our talks are tailored for each audience and format.

Sustainability Workshops

We partner with sustainability experts to develop a customised half-day or full-day workshop according to your needs. The workshop could include interactive group discussions or hands-on activities.

Green Tours and Events

We work with companies and non-profits to customise tours and events for your staff or stakeholders. The tours could include visits to recycling plants or green companies. We can organise facilitated group conversations and roundtables to target specific audiences.

Featured Client Work

National Environment Agency - Recycling Workshop

National Environment Agency

National Environment Agency (NEA) is the public organisation responsible for improving and sustaining a clean and green environment in Singapore.

NEA organises regular workshops to train their Corporate Environment Champions from the private and public sectors. NEA wanted to have a recycling workshop to provide them with the knowledge and practical skills to initiate recycling programmes within their organisations.

Our Work

We developed the training content and materials for the recycling workshop, which includes information and statistics on waste management in Singapore; tips on waste reduction, reuse and recycling; and 7 steps to implement an effective recycling programme in the office.

We conducted and facilitated the half-day recycling workshop, and trained the Corporate Environment Champions from various private companies and public organisations.

Environmental Talk

Agricultural and Commodities Industry

Our client in Singapore is the regional hub of a global agricultural, food and commodities trading company.

The company is interested to educate its employees on the issue of climate change in Singapore, and what individuals and businesses can do to reduce carbon emissions.

Our Work

We provided an educational talk to introduce what Singapore is doing to tackle climate change and the various initiatives by the government.

We also shared how individuals can monitor and reduce energy consumption in their daily lives, and how businesses can monitor and reduce carbon emissions in their operations.